What are Buy Here Pay Here Dealers?

Buy here pay here no credit check Houston is the best way to buy your dream car. Buy here pay here dealership offer a unique combination of auto deals and in-house financing services.

If you have bad credit or can’t score a traditional bank loan, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Just make a down payment on your car, and ride out in your new car the same day.

Our buy here pay here no credit check Houston auto dealership offers you great deals on used cars as well as new vehicles. However, you might have to pay slightly higher interest rates.

Unlike traditional car dealers where you have to make repayments to an external third party, here the auto dealer is also the lender. This allows for more flexibility on financing even if you have a poor credit history.

Read on to understand the pros and cons of buy here pay here Houston auto dealerships.

buy here pay here no credit check houston

Pros & Cons of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

When you’re just starting out or having financial troubles, you probably don’t have enough money to invest in a brand new car. But that shouldn’t prevent you from living a quality life. That is where buy here pay here dealerships come in. You can buy the car of your dreams with bad credit.

buy here pay here no credit check houstonPros

  • The convenience of in-house financing

Once you buy a car, you don’t have to go out in search of a lender to finance your purchase. Buy here pay here dealers offer in-house financing to facilitate your purchase as soon as you decide on your car.

A research report by IBIS World on used car dealers in Texas found that “demand for used cars has increased as auto financing has become more available.”

“Due to more financing options, demands is increasing for used cars.”

  • Available to buyers with bad credit

Most buy here pay here no credit check Houston auto dealerships provide inclusive opportunities to all buyers. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, they will help you get the car you want. This way there is a distinct advantage to those buyers with a poor credit history who have difficulty qualifying for a traditional loan.

  • Low money down requirement

They usually require only a small amount for a down payment say $1000-1500. Smaller payments make it easier for many buyers to purchase a car without unnecessarily burdening their budget.

  • Great deals on quality used cars as well

Many buy here pay here no credit check Houston car dealerships sell both used cars and new cars. We know everyone wants to buy a new car, but it’s not always possible to get. So while you save up for it, we offer you a cheaper alternative.

We have an extensive range of cars and deals for potential buyers looking for used cars. A 2017 industry report by NIADA stated a 70-percent increase in used car site traffic.

  • Easy process

Buying a car has never been easier. You can choose your vehicle and arrange to finance under the same roof with buy here pay here dealers. And the process is fast and straightforward. We give you a 20-minute drive-out guarantee!

buy here pay here no credit check houston

buy here pay here no credit check houstonCons

  • High-interest rates

Buy here pay here dealers usually offer in-house financing with higher interest rates in comparison to banks and other institutional lenders. This makes it slightly more expensive to buy the car.

  • Greater risk involved

Most banks cap the amount they’ll finance on cars based on the car’s worth. However, since buy here pay here dealers have in-house financing, such limits do not restrict them. Alternatively, this often means you may end up paying more for the car in installments.

“Every time you make timely repayments, it helps you build a better credit profile.”

  • Doesn’t help you build your credit

When you take a loan from a bank and other credit agencies, you create your credit profile. And every time you make timely repayments, it helps you build a better credit profile.

  • Sometimes requires you to install a car tracking device

Specific auto dealers may ask you to install a car tracking device. The device helps them track and repossess the car if you fail to make timely payments.

Why Buy Here Pay Here Dealers?

buy here pay here no credit check houstonThey guarantee the quality of their cars. This means as you take a walk through the dealership, you can ask your agent about the history and full inspection report of any vehicle that interests you.

You can also check the Kelley Blue Book value before finalizing the purchase price of your vehicle.

An expert team helps you narrow down the choices to find the car best suited to your needs. Since they sell cars in a wide range of prices for both used and new vehicles, they don’t usually follow a commission on the sales method.

They deal with used cars and new cars. And you can always trade-in your vehicle and get the car you’ve always wanted with their hassle-free in-house financing.

buy here pay here no credit check houstonAccording to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, “newly used vehicle may be covered under the Lemon Law if the vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty (not an extended service contract), or if the problem started while under warranty and it continues to exist.”

“The process of buy here pay here is simple, fast, and effective.”

The process is fast, simple, and fun. You can apply online and get pre-approved, or you can always walk in and get your car financed within 20 minutes.  Customers thus can make instant decisions.

They do away with the hassle of lengthy paperwork and time-consuming procedures so that you can enjoy the experience of driving your car.

Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Houston at Liquidators Auto Sales.

Liquidators Auto Sales is a Houston-based auto dealership with 20 years of experience. We have successfully converted most of our potential buyers into thousands of returning customers. Our buy here pay here no credit check facility helps you buy the car you want even if you have poor credit. What are you waiting for? To know more, call 713-681-1200 or contact us today to speak to our experts.

buy here pay here no credit check houston

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