Benefits of In-House Financing

In-house financing has been something you’ve always heard about. Every time you went car shopping some salesperson has made a point to mention it. The last time you went shopping it was mentioned so much you wondered if salespeople were paid for it.

“They must be,” you thought. “Why else would they talk about it so often?” While it’s true salespeople often bring up in-house financing, there are a lot of good reasons they do. And not just because it can bring the dealership more business. If you’re in the market for a car and want to know about in-house financing, read on.

in-house financing, Houston in-house financing

Better sales pricein-house financing, Houston in-house financing

One of the biggest benefits of getting financing from the dealer is a better sales price.

Suppose you have a set price in mind. You’ve combed through your finances and have landed on what you know to be a reasonable car price. You’ve even researched what you could pay with websites like Kelley Blue Book.  However, as you approach the dealership you start to worry about cost.

“What if they think it’s too low and won’t accept it?” We understand this worry. For as long as car dealerships have been around, pop culture has painted them negatively. There was even one “King of the Hill” episode where Hank buys a car from a slimy salesman looking to make bank.

While it’s true dealerships (and any business, really) wants to make money, dealerships want their customers to be happy. Happy customers mean repeat customers. And one of the best ways to keep people happy is to give them a reasonable price when they use in-house financing. Why?

It has to do with interest.  A lot of businesses make money off interest, car lots included. So if a car lot knows you’ll finance with them, they’ll give you a better price because of the interest you’ll pay.

Credit may not be an issuein-house financing, Houston in-house financing

Your daily driver has just died on you without warning. You take it to your mechanic and they tell you the bad news: It’s time for another car. To most people, this would be a dream. A chance to frolic through the car lots while they shop. But for you, this feels like a nightmare. A chance to be turned down at every turn.

You DO have options, even if you have bad credit.

If you have poor credit you might think you’re out of luck, but the truth is you do have options. A lot of car dealerships that offer in-house financing want to work with people. And this includes people with poor credit. They do this because it will help get sales and repeat customers.

If you’ve found a dealer that works with poor credit, you will probably go back to them again for your next car. Dealers know this, which is why they’ll do what they can to make your in-house financing experience a good one.

in-house financing, Houston in-house financingThey help people with no credit

“Okay,” you might think. “But what if I have no credit?”

Good question. You might have no credit because you’ve been avoiding credit cards. Or maybe you’re a recent high school grad who hasn’t had the chance to build up their credit yet. Whatever the reason, you might think you can’t get a car without a credit score. That’s simply not true. Like with people who have poor credit, in-house financing can help you even if you have no credit.

Best yet, in-house financing can help you build credit. How? Every on-time payment you make on your car is reported to credit bureaus. These payments show that you’re reliable and can afford to make them without trouble. Your credit builds with each payment. By the time your payments come to end your credit will be such good shape that you could tackle whatever credit hurdle you like.

This trick also helps people with bad credit, too. Just be sure to make payments on time and your credit will be great!

in-house financing, Houston in-house financing

Once they know what you can afford they can show you cars within that price range.

Helps with budgetin-house financing, Houston in-house financing

Suppose you’ve run the numbers and know exactly the car payment you can afford.  How can you ensure you’re going to get a deal that matches your budget? Simple! Just tell the car lot/dealer beforehand that you’ll use their in-house financing.

Knowing that you’ll be using their financing programs gives them the chance to do a soft credit check before you shop. This not only helps them with their financing, but it will also show them the car price you can afford. Then they can show you cars within your budget range.

The bonus of this is that since they know what you can afford, they won’t show you any high-end models you can’t. It’s a simple way to get the price you want.

Afford a more recent carin-house financing, Houston in-house financing

Let’s say you’ve been saving for your next car. You know you need another car soon, but want to have a little more saved first. Then, on the way home from work, it happens. Your current car finally dies. As you look at all the dents and scrapes it earned over the years, you wonder what kind of car you’ll get now.

“I had it all planned,” you think. “I was going to save for another year and then get one with a back-up camera! I really need one!”

You might think that whatever you scraped together is not enough – but with in-house financing, it could be. Houston in-house financing can use the money you’ve saved to help you find the car you need, even ones with back-up cameras. So if you need a more recent car for the safety features, consider in-house financing today!


It’s always good to know what you want so you can know where to look.

Buying a used car from a Liquidators Auto Sales comes with a lot of benefits. With the various financing options that many dealers provide their customers nowadays, buying a car should not be too hard for anyone anymore. If you need a car, come check out our in-house financing today or call 713-681-1200.

in-house financing, Houston in-house financing.

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