8 Simple DIY Upgrades to Your Houston Used Car

Houston used cars may not seem so exciting when compared to a new car, but there’s a solution.

If you’re bored by your Houston used cars, try a few simple upgrades to bring it to the next level.

Read on to learn some easy upgrades you can DIY on your used car.

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Top 8 Simple DIY Upgrades for Your Used Car

houston used cars1 – Headlight Film

Headlights looking a little dim? Brighten them up with this quick fix: headlight film.

But first, clean your headlights. There’s a variety of ways to do this, including typical headlight restoration kits and even DIY headlight cleaners!

Once they’re cleaned up, throw on some headlight film, which can easily be found online or at your local auto shop like Auto Zone.

Keep your car looking snazzy with some neochrome headlight film.

It comes in a variety of colors, meaning you can customize your headlights to fit your ride and your style.

houston used cars2 – Seat Covers

Want to ride out in style? Pick up some cool vehicle seat covers for your Houston used cars.

All you have to do is slide them over your existing seats and voila – a brand new look for your car’s interior.

Add a touch of luxury to your used car with leather seat covers.

They come in a ton of colors and styles, so you can match them to fit your personality.

You’ll find these online, at local auto shops, and in stores like Walmart and Target.

As an added bonus, seat covers protect your car seats from stains and damage. You can just pull them off, throw them in the wash, and put them back on! That is some easy maintenance and clean-up.

houston used cars3 – Steering Wheel Covers

Take it a step further with a steering wheel cover that matches your seat covers. It’ll really bring your car’s interior together.

Plus, with the right steering wheel cover, it can protect your hands from harsh cold weather when grabbing the steering wheel, or burns from a hot steering wheel during the summer.

You can choose from styles like leather, faux fur, plastic, and more. Yet again, you can find whatever fits your style.

Save your hands from hot summer days with a steering wheel cover.

houston used cars4 – License Plate Frames

License plate frames can keep your plates in place, help prevent damage from minor accidents, and add a touch of style to your Houston used cars.

Get rid of those dealer plate frames and replace them with something that looks great instead.

Most license plate frames are under $20 and give your car an added touch of personality.

Just make sure they’ll fit your car. Most are universal, but some specific car models may need specific types of frames.

houston used cars

houston used cars5 – Lighting Accessories

Another fun way to upgrade your used car is with lighting. Add some LED lights inside your car interior, to your wheels, or even underneath your car.

They’re cheap, easy to install, and fun to use!

Add some interior or exterior LED lights to upgrade your car.

6 – Creative Shift Knobhouston used cars

This one’s typically pretty unexpected, but a great way to personalize your car.

Did you know that you can switch out your gear shift knob? Most cars will allow you to do this.

It’s pretty easy to DIY, and knobs usually come with instructions. Some even light up!

The best part is that it’s easy to switch out if you ever get tired of it.

Did you know that you can switch out your gear shift knob?

houston used cars7 – Replace Car Emblem

The emblem on your car is basically the car brand’s insignia, or logo.

Look at your front bumper. You’ll typically see it there.

Different brands have different emblems, and though they may look boring, you can always replace them or jazz them up.

Jazz up your car emblem with rhinestones.

Look at a few of these examples below:

Houston used cars

houston used cars8 – Spoilers

This may sound tough, but it’s actually quite simple to add a DIY spoiler to your Houston used cars.

Spoilers are popular car upgrades, especially among Subaru owners. Not only do they make your car look great, but they also improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics.

By increasing downward pressure, spoilers help drivers change airflow, increasing stability on the road, especially at high speeds.

Enjoy driving fast? Add a spoiler.

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