7 Benefits of In-House Financing Dealerships

In-house financing dealerships offer simple financing solutions that enable car buyers to drive out with a car with no hassle.  When you know your car is selected, financed, and driven out at the same place, it eliminates the need for middle agents or lengthy processing time.

The solution is such that you don’t need approval from banks.  It is also known as buy here pay here no credit check Houston dealers, and they provide finance to those who’re looking to buy a car but don’t have funds.

At Liquidators Auto Sales,  our custom tailored programs offer you funds with flexible terms of repayment options and competitive interest rates for a complete experience.

Let’s look at the top reasons why you should opt for in-house financing dealerships.

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1. No Intrusive Credit Checks

A white tablet with some figuresWhen you’re starting out in life, you don’t have any credit to show for. On the other hand, when you fall on hard times, your credit may take a beating. And since most banks insist on a 600+ credit score, it is difficult to get a car loan from traditional lenders.

In-house financing offers a more lenient alternative approach for such buyers. They build loyal relationships with their customers without conducting intrusive credit checks. This allows you to secure an in-house car loan even when you have poor or no credit.

“You can apply for in-house car financing even with a poor credit score.”

2. Convenient Purchasing Process

Imagine spending hours looking for your favorite car and when you find it, you can’t drive away in it. Instead, you have to spend days trying to get your loan approved from a third party lender.

However, you can save both time and hassle with in-house financing dealerships. They have a simple process that allows you to walk into a dealership and drive away in your new car in a few hours. Just choose your vehicle and apply for a loan under the same roof. You can also apply online or get pre-approved for a faster process.

3. Ease of Online Pre-Approval

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Now, you can buy the car of your dreams from the comfort of your bed. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s that simple.

Most in-house financing dealerships give you the option to apply and get pre-approved online.

In fact, you can also search through their online inventory of cars to find the car you want. So, say goodbye to tiresome paperwork and long queue lines and apply online today!

4. Easy to Qualify

It is easy to qualify for a car loan with in-house financing dealerships. Although they charge slightly higher interest rates, they provide inclusive financing programs for customers from all walks of life. Whether you have fair credit or poor credit, you can qualify for in-house financing as long as you guarantee timely repayments.

“With timely repayments, you can improve your credit ratings.”

5. Flexible Down Payments

One of the best features of in-house financing dealerships is their flexibility. You can secure a car loan with as little as $500 down payment.

Furthermore, they offer incentives, discounts, warranties, and even the option to trade-in your old car for a new one. The dealership is accommodating and flexible to deliver tailored financing programs based on your specific financial situation.

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6. Opportunity to Build Your Credit

Empower written on a white slabMost traditional banks are unwilling to lend to customers with bad credit. This makes it difficult for them to escape the cycle of credit woes since they are not even accorded an opportunity to rebuild their credit. This is where in-house financing dealerships come to your rescue!

These car dealers will lend out to you. And every time you make timely repayments, they will report your good payment record to various credit bureaus. This will help you build your credit score within a couple of months.

7. Customized Financing Programs

Good dealerships work with you to design a financing program suited to your needs and situation. Whether you have a strict budget, need a longer repayment term, or want to negotiate a better interest rate, these car dealers will provide a diverse range of loans based on your needs. If you have fallen on hard times and can’t afford a new car, they also offer a huge selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs.

“Dealerships can provide customized in-house financing depending on your needs.”

Consult with in-house financing dealerships and get better deals at affordable prices. Car financing has never been simpler, faster, and so effortless. Now, you can enjoy competitive interest rates without invasive credit checks at the click of a mouse.


Choose Liquidators Auto Sales As the Best In-House Financing Dealerships in Houston.

Liquidators Auto Sales is a Houston based in-house financing dealership that offers a wide selection of new and used cars. We offer custom-tailored financing programs to help you buy your dream car. Our mantra is “Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem!” We help you buy here pay here so you can drive away in the car you’ve always wanted. Call 713-681-1200 to speak to our advisors today or contact us.

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