How Much Down Payment Will I Need for My Used Car?

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It has become exceptionally easy to buy a used car these days. But how much do you need for a down payment?

Car dealers are constantly finding new ways to make it easier for more people to own a car against all odds. Many dealers offer in-house financing that allows people to buy their cars without the need for a third party financier.

Down payments, the same way it has been used in the real estate has also found its way into the auto industry. That being said, a lot of people really have questions that need answers about car down payments.

How much down payment will you possibly need for your next car’s purchase? Well, if you look around, you’ll see cars for 1200 down, some other cars for 1500 down, and a whole lot of other price ranges. However, there are three steps that will help you determine how much of a down payment your next car purchase may need.


Will you need your credit report?


While you’ll certainly need your credit report, whether or not this plays a major role in qualifying for the loan to buy your car will depend on the financing process.

If you’ll be obtaining a loan from a bank or an external financial institution, your credit report will no doubt play a vital role in securing your car loan. If however, your car dealer is offering no credit check in-house financing, you probably won’t find your credit history to be a major factor in most cases.

So, before you go all out looking for cars for 1200 down or similar, ironing out issues that concerns your credit should be the first thing you do.


What model of used car are you buying?

It helps that you are buying a used car but the particular model of your interest will also factor into how much down payment you’ll be required to pay. You’ll have to be clear on whether you’re in the market for a sedan, an SUV, a pickup truck, a fuel-efficient hybrid, or something else.

If you’re in the market for used cars, then it’s quite easy to find cars for 1500 down, cars for 1200 down, and those in similar ranges.

While the average new car loans come in slightly above $30k, the average loan for used cars sits slightly below $20k.


How much down payment will you really need for a used car?

Without ruling out situational differences, it’s always advisable to save up to about 10% of the average cost of the car you wish to buy.

So, for vehicles worth around $15k, you can search for cars for 1500 down. Used cars worth about $12k as well can fit easily into your plans if you’re searching for cars for 1200 down.


Final thoughts


It’s always good to know what you want so you can know where to look.

Buying a used car from a Liquidators Auto Sales comes with a lot of benefits. With the various financing options that many dealers provide their customers nowadays, buying a car should not be too hard for anyone anymore. With some of the reputable dealers around, your search for your ideal ride among several cars for 1500 down can easily yield excellent results.

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